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Photos On This Site

are all original, and intended to enhance your understanding of the therapy process.

Many photos represent universal shapes (as in my logo: circle, square, triangle). They are also meant to reflect universal themes about how we integrate head, heart, and soul in the therapy process of increasing self-awareness.

That is, many pictures include color (representing emotion), shapes ( representing our cognitive processes) and other soulful elements such as showing perspective and depth, highlighting differences and contrasts, and illustrating paradox and reflection.




If you need to use your insurance, see the information below.

Below are questions you ask about reimbursement from your insurance company.


Before you phone me for a consultation, call your insurance's membership phone line:

  1. PLAN A: ask what is your Co-pay for an "IN-network" PhD. Psychologist? Then for a Social Worker [MSW/ CSW]?
  2. PLAN B: Ask if your particular contract will reimburse you for an OUT-OF-NETWORK Psychologist? or Social Worker? The CPT-4 codes [scroll to end] determine what fee is paid. If YES, these reimburse for Out-of-Network, then ask 4 questions:
    1. What is your Deductible?
    2. What is the Cap?
      A money cap? Time cap? Or both?
      (e.g they could reimburse you up to 30 sessions... or a $1,000... whichever is reached first.)
    3. What is the calendar "year"?
      i.e. do they start counting sessions (after the deductible of course!) starting Jan 1st ? or some other start date (e.g. when you signed your contract, like Sept 1st).
    4. The reimbursement can be a percentage of what they consider a "reasonable and expected" fee for the region. Ask what is that fee? both for individual therapy, and for group therapy (see CPT-4 codes below).
  3. You may need to say: that I'm a Ph.D. Clin. Psychologist, with an office in one of these 3 counties: Poughkeepsie office in Dutchess, Brooklyn Heights office in Kings, or Grand Central office in New York.
  4. Your bill receipt from me will have Procedure Code information:
    • CPT-4   90847 Family or Couples Therapy
    • CPT-4   90791 [Intake Evaluation - no medical services]
    • CPT-4    90834 [Individual Psychotherapy  (45 min.) or  90837 Individual Psychotherapy  (60 min or more)]
    • CPT-4   90853 Group Therapy [other than multi-family]
  5. After you get your insurance information, and are clear about your budget and what you can afford, I welcome your call or email to make a consultation appointment.

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