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Photos On This Site

are all original, and intended to enhance your understanding of the therapy process.

Many photos represent universal shapes (as in my logo: circle, square, triangle). They are also meant to reflect universal themes about how we integrate head, heart, and soul in the therapy process of increasing self-awareness.

That is, many pictures include color (representing emotion), shapes ( representing our cognitive processes) and other soulful elements such as showing perspective and depth, highlighting differences and contrasts, and illustrating paradox and reflection.



What services can I offer to you?

  • I can enter the system at whatever level you need: as an individual, a couple, a family; or if you are seeking to join a therapy group, a professional supervision group, or wanting help within a work or organizational setting.

What approaches to therapy might I use?

  • You are unique. So together we can custom tailor therapy to start where you are. We talk together about an approach that could meet your needs, at a pace, and a depth with which you were comfortable. We might set goals that were short-term, and some longer term.

    For example, if you wanted to feel less anxious right now, we might use a mindfulness approach (e.g. deep breathing for starters) to control anxiety, For a long term goal, we could trace the patterns and possible triggers to that anxiety, whether external circumstances, or internal experiences of panic and danger related to feelings or beliefs about which you were unaware.
  • My training has been broad-based and eclectic. For over 30 years as a Psychologist, I have trained in numerous theory and practice approaches -- e.g. psychoanalysis, CBT, DBT, Existential,Mindfulness, and more.
  • All approaches try to help you become more aware of yourself, of your thoughts, your feelings, your experience of living inside your own skin, and your experience in relationship to other people.
  • Our goal together is for you to feel safe enough to do the work you need to do. Whatever issues you bring, whatever approaches I use, we will work toward your being the kind of person, and live the kind of life, you choose.

Who Should Call?

  1. Individuals (teens and their parents, and older), couples, families. or an individual seeking a group therapy process.
    • Those whose issues might include one or more of the following:
    • those who have or suspect AD(H)D,
    • emotional issues such as depression, moodiness, anxiety, or panic disorders,
    • self-related issues: e.g. low self-esteem, feelings of emptiness, extreme anger,
    • relationship/intimacy issues,
    • work related issues,
    • I work with writers, and other artists, who present with anxiety, procrastination, perfectionism, and creativity blocks.
    • Also I consult with people who are dissatisfied with their current treatment (and may not know why), and with those who feel that their previous treatments "didn't go far enough".
  2. Organization executives/ members seeking vision and change management, or work-related coaching.
  3. Those seeking a separation or divorce by using a Collaborative Divorce team (a non-court approach to divorce), which includes a lawyer for each spouse, a financial advisor, sometimes an educational consultant, and myself as a coach.
  4. Other professionals seeking supervision, individual or group.
  5. The general public seeking a group speaker for an organization.

    Also see GUIDING VALUES and ABOUT Dr. Dryer's Therapy Priorities