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Photos On This Site

are all original, and intended to enhance your understanding of the therapy process.

Many photos represent universal shapes (as in my logo: circle, square, triangle). They are also meant to reflect universal themes about how we integrate head, heart, and soul in the therapy process of increasing self-awareness.

That is, many pictures include color (representing emotion), shapes ( representing our cognitive processes) and other soulful elements such as showing perspective and depth, highlighting differences and contrasts, and illustrating paradox and reflection.


Guiding Values

These are my values. What are yours? If we work together, you may choose to explore how you deepen your understanding of the values by which you live your life.


  • We are all human. As such, we are equal, and entitled to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
  • How I work therapeutically is based on a bedrock of basic values: truth, honesty, transparency, mutual respect and dignity.



  • While we have a drive to live, we are mortal and finite.
  • We arrived alone into this World, and we will depart alone.
  • So, while we are here, connections to others remains essential.


  • Our life has no predestined structure or destiny.
  • Hence, each of us has our own responsibility to live as happily, fully, & meaningfully as we can.
  • The process of therapy helps you define your “meaning,” and uses your values to reach your goals.


  • I believe it is important to learn, to work, to love, and to play. These involve processes such as listening, being vulnerable, making mistakes, and learning to repair them.
  • I see the goals of therapy are: to increase your awareness and acceptance of who you authentically are, (you are “enough”) blemishes and all, and to strive for your own personal ‘potential’.

    LEARN MORE about the scientific method, Chaos Theory, and Complexity Theory, and how these theories inform the work I might do with you.