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Photos On This Site

are all original, and intended to enhance your understanding of the therapy process.

Many photos represent universal shapes (as in my logo: circle, square, triangle). They are also meant to reflect universal themes about how we integrate head, heart, and soul in the therapy process of increasing self-awareness.

That is, many pictures include color (representing emotion), shapes ( representing our cognitive processes) and other soulful elements such as showing perspective and depth, highlighting differences and contrasts, and illustrating paradox and reflection.


WELCOME. Looking for help with...?

1) AD(H)D: understanding why you may be disorganized, distracted, procrastinate starting or finishing a project, or feel generally unfulfilled in your life;
• anger: managing it, understanding what might be under the anger;

2) anxiety or worries: panic attacks, phobias, obsessive thoughts, compulsive actions, social anxiety;
• stress that can show up as sleep or eating problems, physical pains, or feeling overwhelmed;

3) creativity blocks: in business or in the arts, at work or at home;
• work struggles, or enhancing personal effectiveness and performance;

4) depression: with high and/or low moods;
• loss: grieving and healing after disappointment or loss;

5) relationship, intimacy, or sexual concerns:whether your partnership is 'traditional' or LGBTQ;
• dependency, if you rely on others in ways that make you feel uneasy, even trapped;

6) self-state concerns: self-esteem, self-confidence, self/ body- image or eating distortions;
• emotion regulation and a sense of self-constancy


General services. I can help you if you are :

  • looking to speak one-on-one with a neutral therapist in a safe environment: I am a Psychologist trained in different individual approaches to therapy;
  • part of a couple or member of a family: I work with teens, parents, and any or all members of your family, in any combination; whether or not you are in a 'traditional' relationship; I've worked with many same sex couples as well as with those in domestic partnerships, (especially with children);
  • seeking to join a group; I run both therapy groups and supervision (for clinicians) groups in 2 of my office locations.


Specific services. I can also help you if you are :

  • considering separating and/or divorcing your spouse or domestic partner and wish to have a deeper (therapy) understanding of this (possible) decision.
    (Also see;
  • struggling with work issues in your organization and are seeking personal coaching, or more process change intervention at any level of the system.
    (Also see;
  • looking for a public speaker: I've given talks that range from Learning to Live with A.D.D., Stress Management, Parent-Child Relationships, a range of women's issues, including Finding Love, and What Every Woman Needs To Know About Divorce.

Explore this site to understand better how I can help, more about who I am, and the founding principles that guide my work. Call (917) 816-8882 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.